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Missing poster bolton.png

Nicolas Bolton was one of many people who noclipped into the Complex. A missing poster with his name, picture, and a phone number (707 340-3036) can be seen in Missing Persons. It is unknown if calling this number will reveal any information, though it seems unlikely. The area code 707 which is of Northwest California, likely hints to him living in Northwest California, USA.

Comparison of Nicolas Bolton and the "John Doe". Notice the similarities in the nose, hair and hoodie.

He is presumed to be the deceased person appearing towards the end of the video, and later in Autopsy Report. If this is true, then we can learn several things about Nicolas Bolton; he was somewhere between 18 and 21 years old, and is estimated to have died around the 31st of January, 1990 (three days prior to being found by ASYNC personnel), likely due to malnutrition. That would suggest that he was inside the Complex for 8 to 21 days before dying, though this is purely speculation.