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First Bacteria encounter

Second Bacteria encounter

"Backrooms - Found Footage" is the first episode in Kane Parsons's Backrooms series. It chronologically takes place after "Pitfalls". The footage was recorded on July 4, 1991, but was found on September 23, 1996. It revolves around a cameraman named Kane, who is doing a film project with his friends until suddenly he "noclips" through the ground, ending up in the Backrooms, where he hunted by a strange creature.


In this video we see Kane Pixels film a some sort of university project with his friends. The director says they need a wide-angle shot, and as Kane starts to back up, he suddenly falls and "noclips" through the ground, ending up in the Backrooms. After getting up, Kane starts to wander around, calling out for his friends. Later, Kane is walking through a long dark corridor when he quickly turns around to briefly notice something peeking out from behind a wall, before it hides again. Kane thinks nothing of it and keeps walking.

Kane finds a little gap between the walls, where a long corridor is visible on the other side. After this, he finds a big room with a latter leading up to a cubic hole on the right side of the wall. He decides to go through the hole and climbs up the ladder. Once he is through, he continues to traverse through the endless corridors. After that, we see more walls and a little dark sector. (Viewers who are especially attentive can notice it peeking again, but Kane doesn't notice it for a second time.) He finds strange arrows on the walls and decides to follow them, which leads him to a wall covered in strange drawings and writing. He starts to read the biggest words "DON'T MOVE, STAY STI-", but is interrupted by a loud screech from the previously seen creature. After this, it starts chasing him as Kane tries to run away. He appears to have outrun it until he reaches a place that looks like a mirror maze consisting of doorways. It's here that it almost catches him, which we see as Kane is running through the maze. He finally makes it into a small room with a cubic hole in the floor. He hesitates and looks back at the way he came from as the yelling becomes louder and louder. When the creature appears in the entrance, he quickly jumps in at the last moment. Luckily for him, the hole is not that high, and he falls into a room that looks like an unfinished basement.

After a black screen, we see that Kane got to a location that looks like an art gallery of some sort. He continues to walk through the corridors, turns left, and sees that the corridor looks like it sharply cuts off at a big chasm in front of another structure. He walks closer to the edge and sees that the chasm and the amount of corridors is infinite. Afterwards, we see him walking through the corridor when he finds a door on the right, the sign on top saying, "Fire Exit; Keep Clear." He opens it and sees a set of stairs leading up to a door. When he opens the second one, he finds himself back in the ugly, mono-yellow zone again. This time, he is trying to be as quiet as possible. We see him running and slowly turning around the corner as the video starts glitching and the background noise becomes louder. Suddenly, something throws a chair from the corner at the end of corridor, the wall that was behind him disappears, and a confused Kane runs in opposite direction - into the appeared corridor, as a creature makes some sort of howling sound. He quickly takes a left turn and hides in a small dark room. This allows us to see the creature in more detail - it is similar to the one he encountered earlier, but it has a hunched back and a thicker upper body. Just as it turns towards him, he slips further into the darkness and into a passage behind him. He finds a steep slide going down, and hesitates for a moment. Suddenly, there is a deep, almost owl-like "HOO" coming from behind him. He turns around, and is faced with a (possibly different) creature that managed to sneak up on him. The creature lunges at Kane, knocking the camera away, grabbing and (presumably) killing him. The camera noclips back into our reality, high in the sky, before it lands in someone's backyard. End of upload.


C418 - 13 is used in this episode.